Computer Repair

Welcome to the website of useful tips on computer repair и Software installation.

On the site you will find real examples from your own experience. I think everyone who came to my site, there were or may be questions of this kind. On the site you will find examples of troubleshooting and necessary programs for work, such as Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows10. If you need operative help in solving problems, please contact us, we will resolve any questions quickly and promptly.

Quickly fix any computer

If you are not sure what can be repaired, then it is better to turn to paid service, sometimes self-repair of the computer leads to negative consequences and you will have additional problems with which to solve the issue in the paid service will become even more expensive.

Think before you start installing the software yourself.

Well, if you are sure of yourself, then of course forward, there will be questions, ask in the comments, I will answer.

Computer repair is a simple matter, if you do this every day.













Computer repair
There are many, many useful tips for setting up a computer, everything in screenshots, with a description, there is a video. We go, read, find the answer.
Written by: Prodma
Date Published: 05 / 05 / 2017
Available in: Ebook

Computer Repair: 4 comments

  1. Nikolay

    Help, after the update does not run Kaspersky. The error (0x0434352) in the application at 0x75f2c54f.

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